Tekko - Soke Hausel's Guide to Okinawan Kobudo & Horse Sense

Kobudo, the ancient Okinawan martial art of ancient weapons, typically goes hand in hand with karate. When one learns karate, they usually learn kobudo in traditional Okinawan styles - such as Shorin-Ryu Karate.

The kobudo weapons are derived from peasant tools from farming, fishing and from various merchant occupations. When Okinawan royalty decided peasants should not be armed, they likely armed themselves with tools of trade. After all, it is the right of all people to be able to defend our selves, families and neighbors. Similar to the kobudo tools, modern tools can also be used as self-defense weapons. They are everywhere around us such as car keys, magazines, books, pens, belts, even cell phones - basically anything with an edge, mass, or point.  As an example, one of our outstanding members - Kyoshi Adam, 7th dan, has demonstrated kata he created using tools of trade - including the tools of a professor and also the tools of today's farmer.
One of the many traditional Okin…